Your Personal CFO

What is a CFO? Most of us know what CFO stands for, Chief Financial Officer, but do we know what this means? As your Personal CFO, Wealth Our Way is tasked with guiding you from where you are today financially to where you wish to be financially. Of course, this will mean different things for different people. Financial Planning should never be treated as “One size fits all”.

Your advisor and the team that supports him/her meets you where you are financially today and designs a custom made financial road map based on the detailed input that you provide. Through the Wealth Our Way Wealth Portal, your progress is measured
and monitored. As your financial life changes the plan adapts and evolves. 

At Wealth Our Way we understanding that a plan alone is not going to accomplish your goals. Attaining one’s goals requires action and most importantly, teamwork. It is in this area that you will find the differentiating factor between Wealth Our Way and other, so called, Financial Planning firms.

Wealth Our Way does not sell any products, and outside of your monthly subscription fee, we do not charge for any of the services you receive. As your Personal CFO, we coordinate your relationship with the many financial services providers that you would otherwise be left to vet and negotiate with on your own. Please refer to the diagram to get a visual illustration of how this process works for you.

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