Wealth Planning

Wealth is more than a word at Wealth Our Way. Wealth is who we are. Whether you have accumulated assets, are in the middle of the journey or find yourself in the starting blocks, Wealth Our Way is your ideal partner. At every stage on the path to financial independence, one tool is always needed: A Plan.

 The Wealth Our Way “Way”

We use a Five Step process to create your personal financial plan:

Fact Finding Session- During our initial meeting you and your dedicated advisor discuss not only your current situation but what your goals and desires are for the future. We also will spend time finding out your core financial beliefs and the habits (both good and bad) that have created the current version of you. It is during this session that you will learn about the services available to you at WOW and ultimately decide upon the appropriate engagement level.

Information Gathering- Through the use of our Wealth Portal, you and our team gather all the pertinent data that drives your financial situation. Throughout this process, needs and goals are identified and documented to create the roadmap to your desired financial destination. 

Analysis and Recommendations- Once your dedicated advisor has received your data an in-depth analysis of your financial situation is conducted. Upon completion of this analysis, a personalized financial plan is created. This plan, complete with illustrations and step by step guidance will be the engine that powers you towards your goals.

Unbiased Collaborative Implementation- It is at this point in the process where Wealth Our Way truly separates itself from the “other guys”. Your dedicated advisor works with you to compile an independent team of professionals to provide the products and services recommended in your financial plan. Unlike firms that charge thousands of dollars to create your financial plan, then turn around and charge you fees to implement their recommendations, Wealth Our Way does neither. Your dedicated advisor serves as your Personal CFO, assembling and monitoring your dream team of needed professionals.

Plan Management, Reviews and Updates- If there is one thing that we all come to discover at some point in our life it is that the only constant in life is change. With this in mind, we built into your subscription, periodic reviews of your personalized financial plan. Along with the support and tracking provided through our Wealth Portal, you and your dedicated advisor collaborate throughout the year to handle any changes that life may through your way. 

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