Tax Mitigation

There are few obstacles to building wealth that pose more challenges than taxes. Income, capital gains, net investment, sales, alternative minimum, property and a host of other taxes oftentimes seem to consume our dollars before they have even had the opportunity to reach our coffers. At Wealth Our Way we work tirelessly to assist our clients in building legacy wealth, the type of financial future that fuels generations to come. A large part of this process centers around utilizing strategies that allow our client’s assets to grow with minimal disruption from taxation.

  • Land Conservation Easements
  • Restricted Property Trusts
  • Research & Development Credits
  • Film Credits
  • Cost Segregation 
  • Private Placement Insurance
  • Back Door Roth IRA
  • Tax Loss Harvesting

At Wealth Our Way we believe that building legacy wealth requires protection as well an accumulation. Let us show you how to keep more of what you worked so hard to make.

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