Our Wealth Management Process

Wealth Our Way is not an investment firm. Wealth Our Way is not an insurance company. Wealth Our Way is not a discount brokerage outlet. Wealth is so much more than stocks, bonds, insurance and the like. Wealth is about consistent adherence to a well-conceived plan. Our wealth management process delivers this consistency. As a Wealth Our Way client, you receive a customized Investment Policy Statement based upon the parameters crafted from your risk tolerance input and time horizon. Our clients use the same discounted investment platforms that tens of thousands of other Americans use but with an added layer of protection and guidance. Your asset allocation is reviewed quarterly and you are advised as to any variances. Wealth Our Way clients are educated to focus on long term growth and not the “hot” new thing. Time tested strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging and Asset Re-balancing are the pillars upon which your wealth will accumulate over time, taking you to your desired goals.

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