Professional Athletic & Entertainment Services

The needs of professional athletes and entertainers are very unique. Too often an athlete or entertainer finds themselves facing sudden financial change and the complexities that accompany this scenario. The pressure to perform at the highest level day in and day out while traveling and dealing with daily life activities oftentimes leaves very little time to oversee the financial rewards that come with the success from which it was created.

Countless stories abound detailing the fortunes lost to bad investments, unscrupulous advisors, unchecked expenses, litigation, divorce and taxes. At Wealth Our Way we have a division of experienced advisors who have counseled athletes and entertainers throughout the past three decades. Our A&E Division works with your agent, business manager, tax professional, family, tour manager, label, union and/or league to provide you with a team that marches to one tune. The focus is always on you and the achievement of your goals.

Through our Wealth Portal, we are able to track duty days (tax reporting) and spending trends (budgeting). Always at your fingertips through our mobile app, you are never separated from an up to the minute display of your net worth. Your personalized financial plan comes complete with a career continuation checklist that prepares you for the day when you transition from life in front of the crowd. Wealth Our Way works within our network of retired athletes and entertainers to provide mentoring for our clients just starting out in their careers.

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