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I was raised by a single mother who by the age of 21, had three sons to provide for on her own. Ours was not a life focused upon building wealth, my upbringing focused upon surviving from one day to the next. A little more than a decade after my birth, my baby sister arrived. I had no idea we lived below the poverty line, to the left of me and right of me, everyone was in the same boat.

When I was fourteen years of age I ventured to a section of my beloved hometown of Philadelphia called Rittenhouse Square. It was on that day that I realized there were financial “haves” and “have nots” and that I was in the latter group. When I arrived home that night and discussed what I had seen with my mother, she explained to me the power of education and why she had been so adamant that my siblings and I forgo the streets to master the classroom.

I am proud to say that the strong single mother that raised me now has four college degrees, earned by her children, mounted upon her wall. The story doesn’t end there though. The hunger for education that my mother planted in us has continued to yield fruit. Today you are the beneficiary of what my mother instilled in me decades ago.

I have spent the past 20 plus years at some of Wall Street’s top financial firms. I have passed multiple exams, acquired multiple designations, logged countless continuing education hours and trained a myriad of the very financial professionals that are currently seeking to serve you. I have seen behind the curtain and I understand, now more than ever, why the streets of Rittenhouse Square were so much different than my own.

I founded Wealth Our Way on the flagship belief that, wealth is not only for the wealthy. It is our turn. Today is a new day. My commitment and pledge to you and your family is this, ACCESS. Access to knowledge, access to advice, access to guidance, access to the financial future you desire for you and your family.

I no longer live below the poverty line (neither does Mom) but I have never forgotten my humble beginnings and the debt I owe to this world. Wealth Our Way is more than a Financial Planning firm. Wealth Our Way is a movement. Join us!!


Charles M. Harris, Jr.
Founder/President – Wealth Our Way

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